Today, Republican Senator Ted Cruz introduced a constitutional amendment that would restrict senators to two terms, and members of the House of Representatives to three terms.

I support term limits for legislators. It’s a common sense way to keep our government from getting stale with career politicians.

As your State Senator, I would vote to ratify this amendment to the Constitution, should Congress send it to the states.

  1. Julie Jette says:

    I don’t think career politicians are a problem, the people should be able to elect who they want to represent them. Besides, politicians with experience know their way around and have time to write and pass large and complicated legislation.

    I’m much more interested in a constitutional amendment that would reverse citizens united. Get corporate money out of our political system.

    • Rebecca Erwin says:

      Career politicians are exactly the problem…

      Politicians produce nothing; its about who decides who gets what at whose expense.

      They have turned our government into their private playgrounds at our expense. And have the nerve to exempt themselves from the very laws they pass for us to follow.
      They (Maxine Waters) reportedly played her daughter over 100k to hand out flyers… Well that 100k came from us! We fund their elaborate trips and expense accounts. Who even audits these people?

      So bottom line yes, the career politicians we have are the problem. I’m sure there may be s few with some integrity left.. It would have to be a few with the shape we are in.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Yes. We should not have career politicians . Especially those who do not have to work with the President in finding solutions for the problems. Thank you

      • Denise Gaytan says:

        I agree term limits need to be set like at some of the dinosaurs out there Pelosi’s perfect example she’s been milking the system for years now

  2. Gary Dunlap says:

    Power corrupts, total power corrupts totally. Some seem like pampered imbeciles not voted in for their intellect but for the fact that they play the party scene. Also they will do anything, say anything that their puppet masters say. How else can they vote for one thing give anything for their own party then deny the same thing when the other party is voted in ( both parties ). They need to have our interests, the American citizens not theirs in mind

  3. They should have had term limits the whole time as it was intended to be. That was one reason the Constitution was written so we would not have people in our government that acted like a king. Which carries all the power.

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