I’m Theodore Dziuba, Republican for California State Senate. Google banned my pro-hunting ads.

I’m Theodore Dziuba, and I am a Republican running for State Senate in California’s first district. I’m a sportsman and proud defender of the Second Amendment. I’m also an ex-Google employee.

Yesterday, Google banned my campaign ads because of this photo:

Google banned my campaign ads because of this photo.

According to Google, this photo, which is on my website, and not even in my ad, violates their policy on animal cruelty. The irony of the situation is that Google serves turkey to their employees. I know this because I used to work there, and I’ve eaten plenty of farm-raised meat in the employee cafeteria.

I took this gobbler legally, on private property in Lotus, California, with a Remington 870 20-gauge shotgun. It was a clean shot at less than ten yards. I cleaned the bird in the field just after this photo was taken. After an overnight brine, my family and I ate this turkey for Easter Dinner.

According to Google’s policies, this photograph “promotes cruelty or gratuitous violence towards animals”. Any hunter will tell you that’s complete nonsense, and that sportsmanship means taking game cleanly, without suffering.

Does this photo promote cruelty toward animals, or does Google simply hate conservatives? Well, one of the reasons I quit Google years ago is that it was a hostile environment for conservatives. I’m not the type to talk politics in the office, since the company was paying me to work, not gab with co-workers, but Google is a special breed of company: leftist politics are impossibly intertwined into the company culture, to the point where it affects promotions and pay. Google covers this under the phrase “cultural fit”, but the meaning is clear: if you aren’t a leftist, you’re not welcome at Google.

Here’s another example of Google’s anti-conservative bias. These are advertisement headlines that I tried to run in Google’s system.

Google bans pro-gun political advertising.

Simply using the word “gun” in an ad will get you banned from Google. Nope, no anti-conservative bias going on here, no-sir-eee.

Conservatives need to start fighting back against the liberal technology industry that wants to keep us quiet, and it starts with getting the word out. I know a lot of folks reading this are outside of my district, and outside of California, but this is a danger to conservatives nationwide.

I’m exposing this attack on conservative values we need change. We need to bring back the marketplace of ideas, where we may disagree with what another person says, but will defend to the death their right to say it.

The cruel irony is that when I worked at Google, managers would tell us, over and over, “Don’t say or do anything publicly that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the newspaper.”


Do you want to help fight anti-conservative bias in the media?

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  1. Agnes O'Brien says:

    What about the crazy Demos that are out there? You never know what they’ll come up with day to day. They are happy with killing living 9 mo. babies and you can’t kill a turkey to eat??????

  2. J johnson says:

    Typical right wing hate. Why would I vote for u when u obiously cannot compromise due to your ‘beliefs”. Congress Is already full of haters on both sides. We don’t need another one. Whether left or right. Take a civics course

    • John Tasello says:

      J Johnson, are your really serious ? How did you get hate out of the information that he posted. Your comments show left wing intolerance and selective outrage.

  3. Why were you banned? If just because you are a Republican canadate then that’s BS! Good Luck with the race. California Deplorable here. If you win I expect For you to back our President! We need good people (Republicans) in Ca desperately.

  4. Susan Lawson says:

    I would like to help you , but I can’t right at this time. I am a widow on Social Security and I live in California. I am barely able to hold onto my home, as it still has a mortgage I think what they’ve done to you, is ridiculous. I am so sorry you are being treated this way. I believe whole heartedly in the 2nd Amendment. If in the near future I am able, I will send you a donation. I wish good luck and hope You’re campaign will be successful. Susan Lawson

  5. M.J. Tomasulo says:

    I can’t contribute at this time.
    I’m an unhappy Californian and am rooting and praying for you.May God be with you!

  6. Becky Hanson says:

    I totally agree with you. I am a conservative. We own guns, we hunt. I do not know if ww are in your district or not. We live in Biggs, which is 30 miles South of Chico and about 70 miles North of Sacramento. We are rural. There are lots of rice growers, orchard farmers, and even some cattle and apiaries. I’m on a fixed income and cannot donate to your campaign at this time. My prayers are daily for our country.

  7. John Martin says:

    Theodore is my neighbor, literally right next door…only been here a short while now, but I can say for sure, that he and his family are good people, from what I can tell and this story about Google, does not surprise me a bit, but sickens me to the core. I am also a California “deplorable”, sometimes slightly apprehensive when choosing to listen to Rush Limbaugh in my driveway as I split wood, but thank God, I don’t have to worry if Mindee or Theodore happen to walk by, my wife, on the other hand, not not so much…unfortunately I am the only accepted conservative in my household, but she’s bearable. 🙂 Vote this man in folks…he stands for everything that IS American, at it’s core!

  8. Juel Kulinski says:

    I’ve been a Democrat all my life, but the last few years have turned me to a Centerist. I realized my politics had become a religion with specific tenants and a level of government control that was becoming disconcerting. This Centerist will be following you with great interest.

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