Did you know: according to a study from the University of Statistics I Just Made Up Right Now, yard signs have no measurable effect on the outcome of an election, but a candidate with good buttons is much more likely to win?

Well behold: the finest specimen of campaign button, which contains 65% more button than anything my opponents offer. Using state of the art pointy-piece-of-metal technology, this button will reliably affix to both clothing and skin, although bare-skin attachment is not recommended.

There is not one, but two ways that you can get your hands on one of these bad boys: I will be giving them out for free at all campaign events, or I can send you one directly for $5.

I will, however, offer a $5 rebate to anyone who successfully attaches a button to the back of Kevin Kiley’s jacket without him noticing.

  1. As an artist I know I can make that same button for about 10cents I’ll pick one up at at a campaign stop and gladly wear it all over my city of Oakland . I’m soreading word to other conservatives about you . Your my pick for sure

  2. John Tasello says:

    Do you have anyone on your campaign in the Redding/Anderson area that I can get more buttons as I get more supports? Heard you on KQMS and read your info on your site. I’m in.

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