When I was born in 1984, my father, a geologist, named me after Theodore Roosevelt. He and my mother, a research scientist at a drug company, raised my brother and I with an appreciation for rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done: a work ethic befitting the name of the 26th President. As a boy, I spent my summers clearing land and hauling rocks. Winter meant splitting firewood, and waking up before the sun to shovel the last night’s snowfall.

I didn’t make much trouble as a boy, except once, in high school, when I was suspended for a week for hacking into the school’s computer system, not to change my grades, but just to see if I could do it. (Years later, after starting a successful technology company, I would be invited back to give a commencement speech about honest trouble-making.)

At sixteen years old, I was one of the four original authors of OpenEMR, a free computer system for electronic medical records, that today serves an estimated 200 million patients across the world. I haven’t made a single dollar from OpenEMR, but it is one of my proudest accomplishments.

After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Mathematics, I started working in the technology industry. I co-founded an e-commerce company that helped small, local retailers sell online, and eventually sold the company to eBay, where I worked on new products to help people build their businesses. I’ve helped build two more successful companies since.

Just after selling my first company, my younger brother died suddenly at age 23, from an undiagnosed heart condition. This eventually taught me that the greatest satisfaction in life is hard work that helps other people. I joined my high school’s Board of Trustees, where I currently serve as the youngest Trustee in the school’s 224-year history. I advise other entrepreneurs, and will always make time for a meeting or a phone call with somebody who is working hard to create value in the world.

I live in Placerville with my wonderful lady, Mindee. I have three children: Rose, Ann and Hunter, and a high-energy Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy named Duke. I was appointed to the Planning Commission for the City of Placerville in 2018, and I am very active in El Dorado County Republican politics.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, skiing, and screaming-fast, torque-brute motorcycles.