I am running for State Senate to stop illegal immigration. I fear for our country, not just because of the public safety hazard that Sanctuary policies pose, but also because today’s rampant illegal immigration will destroy tomorrow’s America.

I’m a Third Generation American

About a hundred years ago, my great grandfather stepped off of a boat, and onto Ellis Island, with ten dollars in his pocket. The rising tide of communism destroyed the economy in Poland, and he came to the United States, legally, to make a better life for his family.

He provided for eight children with a job tending to the boilers that powered a local factory. He was never a wealthy man, but he found the American Dream. He and other hard-working immigrants respected the rule of law, upheld that respect in their communities, and taught it to their children. Today’s America is built on this foundation.

Today’s Immigration Crisis, Tomorrow’s Disaster

A hundred years ago, legal immigrants started their lives as Americans with respect for the rule of law. Today’s illegal immigrants disrespect American values, and teach that disrespect to their children.

When that happens today, what will America look like in a hundred years?

I Support Legal Immigration

The immigrant who comes to America legally and in good faith, who carries the spirit of America in his heart, deserves the honor of calling himself American, and it is the duty of every other American to welcome him with the National honor.

To become an American citizen, it does not matter where a man was born, it only matters that he pledges allegiance to the American flag, and holds the rule of law in high enough regard to submit himself to it. A person who comes here illegally does not have regard for the law, and is a danger to the American spirit, as he degrades the national respect for democracy.

Legal immigrants are part of the Soul of America, and it is a moral duty to honor them as we do all Americans.

I’ll Fight the Sanctuary State

The Sanctuary State is not just a public safety hazard, it is a moral failure. This policy accepts people who came to America illegally, and then committed more crime, as worthy of being American. It is the official policy of the State of California that respect for the rule of law is not a part of the American Spirit, and that is a policy that I cannot let stand, not just as a legislator, but as an American and a father.

I’ll fight back against the Sanctuary State. This law keeps more dangerous criminals on the streets, and degrades the American Dream. We’ve seen too many tragedies: illegal immigrants, who should have been deported, get released from jail, only to go hurt or kill innocent American citizens. I cannot stand by and watch our country die from the inside.

For his silence after every murder, for putting his political ambition before his country, and for not even acknowledging the pain of those who have lost their family members to this violence, Gavin Newsom is a coward.

Ending the Sanctuary State is a moral duty.


Thank you to my aunt Kathy, who keeps diligent records of family history.


Help spread this principled, conservative message on immigration.



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  1. Thanks, I liked what I read, please stay with me ,and spread your believable message to CA, honestly I don’t know rather to stay and fight for CA, or run, normally I fight, but it looks darn scary,

    • Hi Wanda, Stay and fight ! Why should we give “them” one of the best States in the Union!”. I have lived in many other states. States like Texas and Idaho and Montana; and believe me the Liberal Socialist agenda has swooped into those states too. There is no where to run, no where to hide. We must make a stand with President Trump. This silent majority is waking up. There are more of us than “them.” We are strong and they are weak. We will prevail, because we have the courage they lack and we are on our way to taking back our Constitutional Law. We need to reform the immigration laws, remove the loop holes, to reflect the need for legal immigration. And we need to support the need for the border wall. Please pray for President Trump and pray for America, because when we do, we pray for the future of our families. God Bless America!

  2. Margi Dunlap says:

    There would be no need for a sanctuary state if Congress had done it’s job and reformed our immigration laws, which have been broken for close to 30 years. There’s no line to get in, to come legally. I would hope you would study that issue before you talk about respecting the rule of law.

    • Ray Lewis says:

      Anyone who can manage to do a Google search can see your statement is false. There IS a line to get in legally and since 2000 about 1 million people per year follow a legal path for immigration.

    • David Fields says:

      Well put ,and just so you know the 8th strongest economy has declared war on your so called emigration beliefs, and trust me we will win.

      P.s. Why no Northern wall hmmm…

  3. Judy payne says:

    I agree with you. My grandfather immigrated from Sweden legally and had to prove he had work and a place for his family to live. My mom was the only one to be born here.

    Are you already a member of the state assembly? And for which district? I agree with you that we need a strong, effective leader of the CA Republican party. We haven’t donated to the state party in the past couple years because it seemed like a wasted effort.

    Thanks for your efforts.
    Judy Payne, Redding, CA

    • Debra M Zemke says:

      Thank you Judy for expressing how thousands of us in the Northstate feel re: our once-great State! Previously it was a wonderful place (born & raised here, 1956!) to live and raise our children— Now, it gets scarier every year! I do wonder…. since nancy’s nephew has decided to halt the economy-killer bullet train… Do you suppose they’ll CONTINUE burning 🥵 up the State so people will walk away from their properties??!! My guess: “Certainly! He just has HIS OWN IDEAS for what he wants to waste BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON!

  4. Thank you. We need this policy position spread wide and far to bypass the biased actions of left wing politicians and their allied, chattering class…the “Fouts Estate”, that resides behind walls themselves.

    • Angie Dalton says:

      I came to America to get away from socialism more than 40 years ago. became an American citizen 5yrs later. I have been lucky to work and grow in this wonderful country. Now in my retirement I would like to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. God Bless America

  5. Tammie Williams says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I am behind you 100%, just follow thru and stay true to your beliefs. I know it wont be easy with so much corruption to deal with, not knowing who you can trust and who to stay away from. Good luck, I will be watching.

  6. Sharlet says:

    Reading every word. I am liking every word. As I agreed with it completely. I really like that your strong enough in your principals to know them first off. Second to print them for us to know about you. It is what I look for when looking for someone to send to represent my values. I don’t want someone who is just running to get a seat. Who is wishy washy. Who only will issue blanket statements. About their stance, policies or principles on issues that effect us all. Of which they will be representing us on. I want to know who they are. What they stand for in their soul, for their being, for their families, for God and country. Because if their rooted in sound and pure principles for these, then they can stand for something other wise their going to fall for anything. Thank you for posting. I will keep reading and continue to watch.

  7. Well put ,and just so you know the 8th strongest economy has declared war on your so called emigration beliefs, and trust me we will win.

    P.s. Why no Northern wall hmmm…

  8. Judy Gross says:

    I agree that people should enter our country legally not by hopping fences and sneaking across the river or desert. I pray President Trump gets the wall which he has fought so hard for. Also I agree with you we need to get rid of sanctuary cities. I can’t believe people are so hateful against our president. Most don’t even know why they hate him they are just following the crowd. He has done more for America in 2 years than Obama in two terms. We need more people running for office like you.

  9. Kathy Mansfield says:

    I am very impressed with your positions and how well you articulate them. I also have to tell you, that you called my home one evening to introduce yourself. I usually don’t answer the phone if I don’t recognize the number. That night I did, and it was to my pleasant surprise. Our conversation was amazing and by the end of it, you had my promise to vote for you if we still live in California. You still have that promise and our donation. God bless you for doing what you are doing. We need more good people like you.

  10. Thank you for inviting comments. Excited to see your positions on most all political aspects, because it is very difficult that the media and world are teaching my children that “illegal” not only means a positive influence but you are rewarded! What the heck? Break the law and you win. I fully believe in immigration….”legally”
    I support what I have heard on researching your agenda regarding the wall and “legal” immigration. Which has been in place since all of our
    ancestors and family, saddened that I haven’t heard about how to now deal with the influx of those coming in and how to deal with them “legally”. I have been trying to research and watch current events, but sorry, if someone in a political arena would specifically say what these people need to do, someone with a more prominent voice, give them, us, a direction, because I think the people need to hear how to legally immigrate and I haven’t heard it. They need a specific reminder.
    The focus has been the wall, and the poor people stuck and struggling, give them an out. Give them a different out. Give them the information on a legal out.
    If one political candidate stood up and said, hey, here are the legal steps you need to take to become a citizen of our country and we would love to have you. That politician would show compassion, and action.
    Offer a solution, to redirect the wall and give immigrants the key to how it’s done legally.
    Why are all of these immigrants now at this time deciding it’s ok to not comply with America’s immigration laws and cross as they are? They are victims of
    the same thing our relatives were, looking for a new life and safe haven, but now it’s politics. I hope you are who you portray. I would support you 100%

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