The best way to think about California’s Republican leadership is like a museum: full of fossils that say nothing, do nothing, and take up space. Lately, though, folks have stopped coming. People want action, and there really isn’t much going on inside the museum. Of course, the fossils don’t know this. They don’t even know that they’re dead.

Today, the Republican is a rare breed of voter in California. There are more independents than there are Republicans, and that trend shows no sign of slowing. With every election, we lose more voters, and more influence in Sacramento. The career politicians say that we need a different career politician in charge of the party. Yes, that will surely fix everything, much in the way that a bowling ball fixes a cracked windshield.

But my plan to rebuild the Republican party doesn’t start at the top. It starts at the roots.

Strong Local Parties

We start taking back our party by building stronger Republican organizations in each county. A county’s Republican Central Committee or California Republican Assembly chapter are the prime venues for local political gore, which makes these organizations the most valuable assets our party has, because they talk about the things that really matter to conservatives. During elections, these groups help get out the Republican vote by canvassing, making phone calls, and registering new voters.

I will focus on making local party organizations stronger, as the first step to taking back Sacramento.

State of the Art Technology

Republicans are suffering with outdated technology. I will bring us up to speed on the latest tools, tools that folks can actually use. Technology that’s too complicated ends up collecting dust in the corner, and it’s time to stop paying for these overpriced doorstops. As a technology entrepreneur, I’ve spent my career building products that solve real problems, and that people want to use. I am bringing that experience to the California Republican party.

If you give people what they need to do the job, remove obstacles, and then stay out of their way, they will get it done. As your State Senator, I will visit every county Republican organization every month, and ask, “What do you need to get more Republicans registered and voting?” and “What’s standing in your way?”. Whether that’s technology, manpower, or money, we’re going to start putting the best tools to work.


A Fundraising Machine

If principle is the heart of a political campaign, then money is its blood. It costs money to get our message out, but as advertising technology improves, it gets cheaper to connect with voters. Small donations make a big difference: with the right tools, a $25 donation today has the same impact as a $250 donation did, ten years ago.

We can’t depend on a handful of super-rich people to fund our party, because that means they’re calling the shots. A grassroots network of Republican donors, just regular folks who can give a few bucks toward the conservative cause, can change the direction of the entire state. As your State Senator, I will team up with local Republican organizations to build a state-wide, grassroots fundraising network, not dependent on the super-rich.

Recruiting the Best

None of this will matter without the right candidates.  Local party organizations are the best sources for candidates, because they know their communities better than anyone else.  A political campaign will test a candidate’s fortitude in every way, and no person can do it without a team behind them. To win back our representation in Sacramento, the Republican party needs to organize that team.

The best candidate with the best support will run the best campaign.

I will work with local party organizations to find the best candidates, and bring the full strength of the California GOP to bear on their campaigns.

Let’s Get Moving

Rebuilding California’s Republican party starts at the roots. It starts with like-minded conservatives meeting in diners and church community rooms. It starts with getting the right tools in peoples’ hands. It starts with that first ten dollar contribution from someone who has never given before.

We have everything we need to take back Sacramento.

It’s time to put the pieces together.


Join the team of conservatives who are taking back Sacramento.



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  1. Timothy La Force says:

    My name is Tim LaForce. I am A government contractor and am frequently not home. I have had a hard time voting and have been turned away because even though I am A resident, I don’t have an address because i am away a lot. I myself would eventually like to go into politics because I don’t like the under representation I see in California. I want to help and how could I best do this?

  2. Tina Pebley says:

    What are your ideas for change? What are you going to change? What are your ideas for illegal immigration? What are your ideas about Sanctuary State of California? What are your ideas about gun ownership and gun control?

    • Susan Smith says:

      No sanctuary state..we have way too many problems with immigration already. I say build the wall. There was a time in history when immigrants did come to the United States Legally…They wanted to spend money in this country and not send it to families in some other country. Let’s get to the root of the problems..I do not support the new RICH governor.. I live strictly on Social Security and he has no clue what thousands of Seniors do to survive.. I support Trump and the Republican Party. Let’s get back to the ground roots and PRAY for the Republican Party….thank you for your time .
      530 820 2079

      • Thank you for your comments. I agree completely. I am so terrified that we are going to become Venizuela!

      • Sandra Light says:

        I agree with you 100 percent. I like everything you said.
        I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Thanks.

        Sandy Light

  3. Jeptha Rogers says:

    Will you call out Tom McClintock for failing to keep his promise to move to his district. Presently he lives in Elk Grove, outside the district he represents even though he promised during his first campaign that if elected he would move to his district.

    As a true conservative, one who believes that local representation is a bedrock principle of conservative government, I find it appalling that he has failed to keep this simple promise.

    • Deborah Menendez says:

      That is the least of our problems. He is not breaking the law by living out of the district. And he is not the only one.
      I would rather have him represent me with his conservative view points than a moderate or liberal.

    • For all he does to hold to our standards I find the move inconsequential. We need othe Republicans to hold up our values as he does and vote accordingly.

  4. I think that is a very interesting way to solicit Republicans voters. Now what will this Republican voters stand for? What are the principles of change in this state that needs to be implemented, and will be implemented if Republicans get in the office? Very interesting plans are built on a foundation of principles. Not on a foundation of how I can get you to vote for me. I’m not voting for anyone because they are a Republican. I’m voting for someone who stands for the values of the Constitution of the United States of America, for the laws of this land that are already on the books, for putting citizens of this country first in allocation of resources. Could I hear how you line up with these things?

  5. Christy Forry says:

    I have no money to donate, am Republican and your vision sounds good to me!! Keep it up…

  6. Stephanie Honeywell says:

    What you’ve stated sounds good. Like others, I want to know where you stand on illegal immigration, sanctuary policies, the Constitution, etc. I need to know that you’re the kind of conservative and the kind of Republican I want to support. Thank you.

  7. Jan varin says:

    Let’s build the wall & at least sliw down illegal immigration! Our sanctuary state us a bad joke! Some of these libs need to have a loved one shot in their arms to understand just how dangerous this crisis is! Not sure Im staying w/the Republican party….their backbone is gone!

    • Donna M Louden says:

      And tell me my friend..where will your vote reside?? The Socilaist Democratic Communist Party??? Because they are stopping the wall??????? This party is falling apart because we have NO support…You are caving like you are assuming our President is caving. I do NOT feel our President is caving..He is fighting for us..HAVE YOU SEEN THE JOB#’S? Have you been aware of all the good this man has done for 2 years??? I will stand with Our President and support all the Republican Conservatives should do..or kiss this country good bye..and you will not have to worry about a wall or anything..because you will wonder when you will eat again!

      • Elizabeth says:

        The President did not have in. He reopened to get people paid, even though the Dems all voted against the Coast Guard being paid. It honestly makes me wonder if the Dems are in on the drug smuggling and illegal immigration, and want to shut down the coast guard giving them a free pass in. I’ve never seen such chaos against anything a President tries to do including getting people paid! I’m voting for term limits all the way!

      • Sandra Light says:

        Very well said Donna. It makes me feel better when I read comments like yours. We are not alone.

  8. Rich Di Giacomo says:

    As long as Trump is in office it will be impossible to recruit for the Republican Party. His views are inconsistent with our values and his behavior is despicable. It will take decades to reverse the damage he has done. The secret to recovery is the youth. Most of them currently misunderstand the party and what it stands for. Frankly, they hate us. Until you can break the chokehold the liberals have on education it will only get worse for the GOP.

    • You are wrong, if President Donald Trump wasn’t our President, we never find out the corruption in DC, speak for yourself, this country is a 1000 times better because he is a President, because people like you this state is a disaster. Democrats are evil and they stick together to destroy this country Republicans never stick together they don’t have backbone and some are democrats, for me if I’m going to vote for a Republican again he better be strong in his convictions

    • Jim Lehman says:

      Trump defines exactly the direction Republicans need to go. State the problem, develop a simple pland, then go after it. His progress toward making America great again has been breathtaking.

    • I can only assume you are a liberal troll with nothing but lies! President Trump has done more in two years than any did in eight years!

    • What? Are you living in a cave somewhere? Do you not see everything Trump has done for the good of our country? Your comments are moronic to say the least.

  9. An interesting beginning. But in the real world talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Rebuilding the Republican Party in CA is a good goal but what will be done to draw the Independents to at least support our candidates even if they choose to remain as Independents? What Planks and Platforms will be undergerded with Princples? How does the Republican Party draw in new and the younger new voters ? This system CA has for it’s primaries is ridiculous and undercutting even getting someone other than a Demicrate on the slate to run . It was unbelievable that for many choices all we could do was choose between two or several Democrats. How is that a choice? The top highest two or three get on the ballot. I know CA has many Conservative voters even if they are not registered Republican. But there are and we’re no candidates other than Democrats or Liberal candidates on the ballot. Our youth lack the education of historical foundations and few have true understanding of what a Republic is , What a Democracy is , or what Socialism and Communism truly looks like . They lack understanding often of basic economics . So they become enamored with all the free things promised to them, not considering who ends up paying for freebies and entitlement. We need total immigration reform in addition to secure borders , all of them . We need incentives to bring industry back to California. With industry will come jobs. Our Veterans need to be getting quality medical and services including housing that is affordable and the homeless and hungry Americans have access to shelter food and medical and mental health care before we pay for all of that free to undocumented or illegal aliens who enter by sneaking in or blantantly ignoring or borders and our existing immigration laws.

  10. Melissa Wycoff says:

    I left California 23 years ago, it was getting bad then! California used to be the beautiful sunny place to be! But now 23 years later I would never go back, it’s nasty dirty no fun ! I’ll stay in Texas fighting for the border and Trump. Pull together and get on your knees an pray like never before! Get those politicians out of there, keep your guns watch your back because there coming for you! God bless

  11. I’d love for someone to tell me exactly what IS the California Republican Party line?

  12. I am one of the seniors that cannot send money, but I can pray and make phone calls. Are you working together with Travis Allen? He is also trying to clean up the “old fossils” in the party and reconnect with the voters. I signed up for republican so that I could vote in the primaries. However, I have long been so disappointed with them that I feel I am an Independent. Where is District 1? I am in District 3. Thank you and God Bless you and all your efforts.

  13. Sue Madaus says:

    I worked on the 2016 election with Fresno GOP attended some debate watching parties, toe in the water so to speak. After basking in the glow of helping to save America and the world I went to a meeting. They want me to pay to be a volunteer and spent the entire evening arguing over Robert’s Rules of Order. I’ve not wanted my efforts to return. This is why California is going down the drain, and I have returned to my private efforts. Offer me some adults to work with, a real plan other than squabbling children or we are lost.

  14. Carole Adams says:

    One item that has not been mentioned. Where do you stand regarding pro-life?

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