California sure does like to spend money on useless stuff, like a bullet train to nowhere. We can all agree that we need to pay for roads, schools, cops, and firefighters, but we’ve got to draw the line somewhere. If you’re going to spend someone else’s money, you darn well better spend it wisely, and Sacramento spends like a roulette winner in Vegas.

Gavin Newsom’s Credit Card

Thanks to our fossilized Republican leadership, the Democrats now have a two-thirds majority in both the Assembly and the Senate, which is just what they need to raise taxes. This gives Gavin Newsom a credit card with your name on it. He wants shiny, expensive toys like taxpayer-funded universal healthcare, and there won’t be any conservative opposition to stand in the way.

I oppose any new taxes and spending. I will work to get more Republicans elected, so that we can put a stop to Gavin Newsom’s taxpayer-funded shopping spree.

Property Tax is Just Rent in Disguise

Proposition 13 prevents Sacramento from taxing us out of our homes and businesses, but there’s an attack coming. Next year, a “split roll” initiative will be on the ballot, which removes Prop 13 protections for commercial property.

  • If you own property for a business, your taxes would go way up.
  • If you lease a property for your business, your rent would go way up.
  • If you shop at a business in your town, your prices would go way up.

They just can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar, can they?

I will fight to keep our property tax protections. I oppose any attempt to change Proposition 13 (Unless of course we change it to lower the tax. I’ll vote for that in a heartbeat.)

Here’s an Idea: Spend Less Money

Sacramento could take some lessons from our household budgets: don’t buy things you can’t afford. Jerry Brown’s “rainy day fund” is an insult to every taxpayer, because even in a slow economy, Sacramento is still going to spend money on stuff we don’t need. If, all of the sudden, you can’t work and don’t have any money coming in, the first thing you would do is cut unnecessary spending. That concept is lost on our tax-and-spend government, and I will bring it back.

I will work to give you back your money from the “rainy day fund”, and to make California fiscally responsible by getting spending under control.


We Can Change our Future

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before: hard-working folks build a good life in California, but over the years, taxes keep going up, and it gets too expensive to live here. They pack up and move to Nevada, Oregon or Arizona because it doesn’t make sense to stay. They take their families and businesses with them, and California communities lose out.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It will take strength and resolve, but we can get California moving in the right direction again.

    • theodore says:

      “Jooba”. But I respond to anything that’s close. I should do a youtube video for that.

  1. Michael King says:

    Universal healthcare is needed. So is increased funding for education preschool through college. Those goals need money.
    Prop 13 was unfair to residential property owners. They change ownership, thus tax basis, far more often than corporate properties, some of which have not changed owners since the law went into effect.

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